Special Projetcs

The essence of this project is the value of the experience and the savoir faire that will be transmitted in a memorable way to all who choose to embark on this journey.


We challenge chefs used to working with sousvides and temperature to prepare a 100%. Portuguese meal in a simple field stove or in an iron pan, heat and little more.

Who will be the chef? Where will you cook? Will it be pot food? Or a tasting menu? Will there be music? What about the flavors? Will they be Portuguese or Asians? Or maybe Atlantic or Mediterranean. And o enjoy all the moments, we have good wines, of course.

Mix Madeiran traditions with the best international gastronomy techniques is one of our goals. The ABC meets what is already the “new normal” to eat and drink in healthy and safety environment, loving the best of life has to offer.

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In the 2021 edition, places such as Quinta do Barbusano, Porto Santo beach, Cais de Câmara de Lobos, Farol da Ponta do Pargo and Cais da Ponta de Sol were the places chosen for this amazing project. Always with the partnership of João Portugal Ramos, Vista Alegre... Take a look to our last events of AMAR BEBER COMER:

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