WELCOME TO Madeira Island

Known as a “floating garden”, “pearl of the Atlantic” or even as hometown of the world famous football player Cristiano Ronaldo, Madeira Island was awarded by the World Travel Awards as the ​World's Leading ​Island​ Destination in 2019 and it’s ​the perfect getaway all year round.


Located in the Atlantic Ocean and discovered in 1418 by the brave Portuguese discoverers João Gonçalves Zarco and Tristão Vaz Teixeira, Madeira Island is the most well-known tourist destination of the archipelago. Besides Madeira Island only Porto Santo is also inhabited. There are also 6 more islands: Desertas and Selvagens, which you can visit only on previously scheduled expeditions.

If you’re coming from Lisbon, the Portuguese capital, you can take one of the daily direct flights that take approximately 1h25 minutes to arrive in Madeira Island.


Can you picture yourself swimming in a clear deep blue sea in January?

Yes, it’s real! With a mild climate all year round, you can expect the average temperatures varying from 15° to 17 ° C in the Winter and 22° to 25 ° C in the Summer. If you’re a sea sports enthusiast, stay active! From surfing, sea kayaking, ​paragliding,​ ​sailing, scuba diving or even big game fishing, there are many options to enjoy Madeira by the sea and have a great time.


Come to Laurissilva forest, Madeira is widely known for the Levada walks. Created centuries ago with the purpose to ​take water from the north of the Island (wetter and rainier) to the south, today these channels are a great excuse to experience the wild and lush vegetation and ​admire the breathtaking landscapes ​along the way. ​Either on a private Jeep tour or on a guided walk, listen to the sounds of nature, be inspired from what surrounds you and enjoy the peace of mind you’ve been dreaming of.

Cherish the local delicacies

Madeira Island’s cuisine is truly authentic and varied. From different types of bread (like Bolo do Caco) and alcoholic drinks (Madeira Wine, Poncha or Nikita), you can also find delicious mains courses. If you’re a fish lover, the Tuna steak with fried maize and the Black Scabbard fish fillet with Banana or passion fruit sauce are the main specialties you cannot miss. Also a must is the “Espetada”, ​small portions of sliced beef served on a bay skewer, seasoned with salt, garlic and bay leaves. Want to know those local secret spots with the freshest food? Get in touch!


At Wanderlust Madeira, we invite you to celebrate life and create unforgettable memories while discovering Madeira Island with us. We’re happy to show you our island as we know it, made of awesome sunrises, stunning views, welcoming locals and charming lodges.