An immersive journey at your own pace.

Inspired by genuine people, local traditions and wild nature, we invite you to unplug from routine, take flight and land in one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

Set your flight mode and awake your senses: we’re here to create your tailor made travel journey in Madeira Island.

Experience a one of a kind sunrise picnic up in the highest mountains, enjoy a private cooking class with one of the famous local chefs or simply indulge yourself with a glass of Madeira wine at the comfort of your boutique hotel. If you prefer to stay in bed longer, stop on your way to smell the tropical fruit aromas or to just stare at the breathtaking landscape, we got it. No tight schedules, queues and nowhere to be. This is what we call the art of slowing down and enjoying life.

Have any thoughts or preferences? We’re happy to accommodate them and take you off the beaten path at your own pace.


Whatever you imagine, we deliver. Not in any ordinary way, in the ultimate indulgence way. We are a “state of mind”, sometimes you might see less but you will surely enjoy more.


Authentic experiences, moments, feelings, sensations, auras that will prevail forever in your heart and mind. We are not normal, we have exquisite knowledge of Madeira. Authenticity is our mantra.


Immerse yourself! Discover the local community, its markets, communicate with the population, explore places that are not in the touristic guides, experience local culture, local food and breathe and feel the destination.


“Connect” verb “Bring together or into contact so that a real or notional link is established.” Don’t just visit, become part of local life.


We’re inspired by Madeira Island’s natural beauty. Our mission is to guarantee that all our experiences and travel itineraries are sustainable in a way that we can preserve what’s special & unique.


We’re proud of our ancient traditions, cheerful people and rich culture. We’re sharing it all with you through long & trusted partnerships with local producers, craftsman and people who, just like us, honor our cultural heritage.